Thursday, May 21, 2009

poem #8 (reprise)

(perhaps the destiny of Empire is peril and hence omens are oft ignored)

…and who among you are ready
to intercede in the Interment
of Innocence

when Unrestraint forces himself upon Reason?

the slur of the soothsayer’s stroke stricken lips
falls flat upon the deaf ears of androids
like sail against mast in the flat water of doldrums

as the shot rings out from his crack-lipped muzzle
the crowd heeds not for they hear not

insanity is camouflaged to peoples too busy to bide verbal bedlam

and so the madman remains anonymous
he whose lunacy is simply a curse
an affliction the same as that of Cassandra

and no minstrel and no historian
will arise to resurrect his utterances
his caveat, his counsel, his rebuke…

when the force of our efforts is fully centripetal
a plague will fall and all are punished

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