Tuesday, May 19, 2009

poem #9

binging, brawling, fisting, and starving

the corners were covered in saffron scabs
the fleshy twin pooches cracked and peeling
sweat pregnant with an acrid pungency
subtle auras painted with acidic excretion

the pleasure of a capsicum violence…

legs crossed and quivering
the slightest shift sends sentinel shocks
timing as an artform
else dew drops turn to torrent

the pleasure of denying a basic need…

neatly arranged arrays of surgical steel
calves, thighs, arms, spine and trickles of blood
white-hot sublimation into singularity
feigning to entertain, he revels in the trembling

the pleasure of being consumed…

surging forward, searching and grasping
yearning for substance
yielding to schematics
the mind loosening panic of empty nothing looms

oh aliens on islands
afraid to sleep
these gratification-concentrates extracted from pain

oh smelling-salt masochists
bartering body for Being
these unseemly acts for a fleeting peek behind the curtain

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